The Movement


The Men’s Shed movement started in Australia in 2007, expanding their tradition of backyard sheds into collaborative, communal spaces. Since then, the Australian Men’s Shed Association has grown to over 900 member sheds. Other places with large Men’s Shed movements include Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand. We are part of this movement which is now growing across Canada.


The SMSS is a non-profit organization operated totally by volunteers to achieve three objectives: 1) to promote volunteerism within our community; 2) to provide senior men with a safe and supportive social environment while enhancing their physical and mental well being; and, 3) to better our community by responding to “build project” requests from non-profit organizations in Squamish. Everyone is welcome to visit and participate in many of our Shed activities, as guests.


The first Men’s Shed in North America began 2009, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are now sheds in Kelowna BC, Nekko Valley BC, Pemberton BC, Coquitlam BC, Hope BC, Camrose Alberta, Elie Manitoba, Carleton Place, Ontario, Montreal and Riviere du Loup Quebec, as well there are other sheds in the start up stage.



7 days-a-week: Flexible hours